my Review of Pelican Eyes Resort in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua I posted on Trip Advisor

We booked the Casa Madrona house a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. To start with, when we checked in they gave us keys to a different house; we walked in with the bell man and people’s stuff was everywhere. So, we put our stuff outside and waited 15 minutes for them to sort us out – not a big deal but a hassle. My sister in law was sort of freaked out but I was like “easy, simple mistake.”

The house itself was WONDERFUL but….it had two bedrooms and only one (main floor) bathroom. For a family, I’m sorry to say this just doesn’t work. I’d never book it again. The AC worked awesome, it was clean. One problem in the house is the so called “wifi” just plain worked like 10 minutes of our 3 night stay. I called the front desk a half dozen times and they finally got irate with me so I stopped trying. They claimed “the entire city is out” – however, we went downtown and used the internet at the Barrio a restaurant downtown so they were just lying to us. It’s a feature if you were on business you would need – don’t stay here.


My wife Julie, my Son Miller, and I at Pelican Eyes

My wife Julie, my Son Miller, and I at Pelican Eyes

We did meet Gabriel the General Manager at the pool on Sunday. He was a nice enough guy – we brought up to him the night before they had a trance/techno party at the lower bar that went past 2 am. No one slept – it was totally unacceptable and he was like “did you not receive my letter apologizing” and I was like “no dude.” But we paid $300 for the night, so did you comp the night since my 14 month year old baby was up all night? Of course not, and no, the letter never did come. It was ABSURD to run a dance party club at a restaurant this late at night – ridiculous. I could see until maybe midnight, but not 2 a.m. and later.

The other issue was the so called “breakfast.”  It was horrible. Runny eggs, “ fruit” which was watermelon and mango, and dry toast. Thanks. How about charging us $20/more a night and actually doing a good breakfast like Pelican Eyes had back in 2007 when I stayed there before? It was total crap food. The other issue was if you stay at a house on the upper level, that upstairs restaurant closes (on a Saturday I tried to get a late day snack) at 4 p.m. as I was watching our baby and they were like “we are closed, go down to the other restaurant.” Yeah right. About a 20 minute walk down steep stairs, then back up again with a  baby? I don’t think so. When a cook in Nicaragua makes $4 to $7 per day, why in the WORLD would this restaurant close on a weekend this early? Total nonsense. Another completely unacceptable practice by the wait staff is on our first night, we decided to just eat at the downstairs poolside restaurant for dinner. The food was terrible but here – if you are “white” or a gringo, when you sit down they automatically are nice enough to bring you $2 bottles of water even if you didn’t order them.  It’s not just blatant racism, it’s fraudulent in my mind.

We did make the mistake of getting cheeseburgers at the pool on Sunday. Wow is all I can say. Nasty do not order them. And…they were about $10/each. If you want to charge US prices, give me US quality food & service. I have to add that overall the employees all seemed discouraged and unhappy.

pool at Pelican Eyes and my wife Julie is easy on da eyes!

pool at Pelican Eyes and my wife Julie is easy on da eyes!

On a positive note – the houses and the ground including the pools there ARE spectacular. For the price, the service needs to improve DRAMATICALLY. This place sold like 10 or 11 months ago to an investment group from Orange County, California. They better hope these new owners never come or heads will roll. The service was horrendous.

Unfortunately, I will never stay here again. Book a private home on like vrbo or homeaway and save yourself $150 a night. Place is NO 5 star maybe a 3 star.  A nice room with a view will not over overcharging, bad food, no wifi, ridiculous RAVE parties, and bs service in every way. I’ve been in the travel business for 17 years and was truly disappointed in Pelican Eyes. When I checked out I even took the time to leave Gabriel the GM a personal note asking him or an assistant to contact me about the service issues we experienced and no one bothered. I guess I won’t bother to spend money with them, either.


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