My tripadvisor post of Little Corn Beach Bungalows where we stayed

I always try to book the “best available” regardless of price. I had previously stayed at the Casa Iguana but they were booked. I went to Trip Advisor to look for “the next best” which the Little Corn Beach Bungalows was the number one rated hotel/place to book.

I booked a cabana here (2 of them) one for me and my wife, one for the baby. This place is HANDS DOWN the nicest resort on little corn island. The owners hands on run the place. The cabins are new and clean. The food is the best I’ve had in Nicaragua. The beach and grounds are flawlessly clean. Scott & Kristy the owners are incredible people.

a cabana at little corn beach bungalows

our cabana at little corn beach bungalows

Be aware for you yankee gringos not all into the “eco” tourism thing (which usually means no electricity for parts of the day). Well, here at Little Corn Beach Bungalows, you do not have electricity from 5 a.m. to 11 a.m. generally speaking. Be ready.

We booked the “drinks and activities” which is a D and A package. I cannot recommend it. The drinks were just beer included, the activities are sea kayaks we never used, and snorkeling gear you ould rent down the beach for $5 bucks.  It DID include breakfast and dinner (both excellent). Price was $48 per person per day additional

If they would just bite the bullet and make it a SI package – semi all inclusive– it’d be much better. They could leave out the kayak and snorkel gear. Add Rum based drinks to the package. Include lunch. Include bottled water and ice. (they charge for Ice, annoying who wants a warm drink?). Instead of $48 charge $75 per person per day. I would have gladly pay just to not have to worry about it. It would also make the property easier to run operationally.

Next, the cabinas or cabanas did not have adequate ventilation. While they did have fans, remember no electricity at 5 a.m. and you swelter in there. I dare say the cabanas at casa iguana were cooler. Such a simple fix – just cut more holes in them and add mosquito screens.  It was too hot in the cabins to really enjoy it at night. I’m hearty..but at night if I just have a fan the whole night I’m happy. At 5 a.m. we promptly woke up.

The other thing the place lacks is a small store. Nothing fancy just sunblock, OFF bug spray (DO NOT forget bug spray I totally got eaten alive there). Etc. Further…resort needs to burn dried coconut shells under the restaurant & bar deck at night to ward off mosquitoes. They were the worst I’ve seen in my life.

I STILL give this place a 4.9 out of 5 stars! I just had to mention so many easy things that could be corrected (and they would make more money).


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My name is Chad Hart, the Principal & Founder of, the largest college spring break tour company for US trips in the USA. We also have a division for study abroad to Nicaragua called which focus on eco-travel to Nicaragua studying spanish & volunteering for local foundations. I LOVE Nicaragua, surfing, exploring new places & more. I am married to my wonderful wife Julie, and we have a 1 year old son named Miller Hart.

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