July 10 on the NicaEco adventure in Leon, Nicaragua


Poneloya Beach


This photo shows my wife Julie at an inlet off Poneloya Beach where like 5 restaurants are.


Ok – so we have been in Nicaragua and my wife is bored – why??!!! Well, our “official” itinerary of visiting schools, doing photos & videos, etc. doesn’t start until tomorrow. So for today, we woke up to a wonderful poolside breakfast at our house in Leon with eggs, bacon, toast, papaya, mango, cantaloupe, watermelon, and rice& beans. My son Miller LOVES eggs and eats so well. The time I get with him has really been amazing.


After breakfast we were going to go to church at the cathedral but Julie was running too late getting ready so we just went shopping. She got a pair of jeans for 5 bucks. The tight kind that I think would make me sweat.


We bought fried plantains and pototaes as well some papaya salted & lime juiced on at Leon’s plaza and did some walking. I have to get a picture up of Miller in his “backpack” kid holder I wear around he sits in and loves it.  The fried plantains are sold as street food in little bags for $.50 cents.


It was DREADFULLY hot as zero wind, 100% humidity and 95 degrees. Still cooler than Texas however. For lunch we ate at the Union. I’m sorry to say it’s Wal Mart’s grocery store with a little deli. By the way….it wasn’t all that cheap. The grilled chicked skewers, rice, beans, and some sort of macaroni & cheese concoction was $7 bucks with a 7up…that was a rip off but oh well, Miller was hungry.


After the day was SUPER lazy dazy – Julie did facebook for like 5 hours and I watched a couple dreadful movies and even saw Teen Mom 2 on MTV. Sweet Jesus, right?


Tomorrow we have to get up at 6:30 a.m. to go to the Dariana language school here in Leon where our students will study Spanish for the summer, a semester, or a year. I only studied abroad for the summer – if I could “re do it” I’d come here in a heartbeat  and come for a year instead of just a month like I did in Mexico. I’d now be fluent.


Big problem though is…you can live like a King here on a middle class salary. It’s going to be reallllyyy hard to leave and I’m already thinking about it with moist eyes – I think a lot of it is I work so much that I don’t get this sort of unbridled time with my Son – plus then, the REAL work begins building yet another company from scratch and getting Americans down here to see this insanely cool place to study abroad with us here in Nicaragua. I’m hoping us being an American company will give them some piece of mind they will be safe and have a bad ass time.


I’ll let you know tomorrow how Dariana language school goes!

Don’t forget to take a look at our http://www.nicaeco.com our youtube channel which by the end of this month will have over 125 videos on Nicaragua study abroad at www.youtube.com/nicaeco


About nicaeco chadillac

My name is Chad Hart, the Principal & Founder of www.InertiaTours.com, the largest college spring break tour company for US trips in the USA. We also have a division for study abroad to Nicaragua called www.NiceEco.com which focus on eco-travel to Nicaragua studying spanish & volunteering for local foundations. I LOVE Nicaragua, surfing, exploring new places & more. I am married to my wonderful wife Julie, and we have a 1 year old son named Miller Hart.

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